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  • Sighlent Storm:

    Sighlent Storm helps victims to
    violence to regain their confidence.

  • Sighlent Storm:

    Protecting Yourself and Escaping from Domestic Violence

  • Sighlent Storm:

    Abuse being ignored by families,
    communites, politicians, and faith
    based organizations

  • Sighlent Storm:

    Healing, Empowerment, Love and Protection

  • Sighlent Storm:

    The deep emotional,
    psychological, social and physical trauma that families endure during the cycle of violence and physical abuse

who we are

The Sighlent Storm” is the only show on radio, television, or the web devoted to addressing the myriad of issues impacting families who are confronting domestic violence. Whether it’s emotional, physical, or financial abuse, Mandrell Birks and Denise McCain are talking about what’s happening with men, women, and children. The two relationship crusaders explore everything from date rape to domestic violence to, human trafficking to senior abuse.

Listen @ 10am on SiriusXM Channel 141 HUR-Voices, on-line at or with your HD radio @ 96.3HD2. CALL IN LIVE Every SAT @ 10am EST DURING THE SHOW.

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